About Roland Bleyer

A talented and ambitious entrepreneur, Roland Bleyer has spearheaded a variety of business interests worldwide. Most significantly, he has established several successful ventures in Australia and New Zealand. For several years, Roland Bleyer served as a trichologist for Ashley & Martin, one of Australia’s premier hair loss treatment providers. Following his tenure with the company, Roland Bleyer launched a number of businesses involved in such pursuits as the manufacture and distribution of jewelry and women’s apparel; metal casting; dye craft metal stamping; and real estate. Additionally, he opened an exclusive gentleman’s club, complete with accommodations for exercise and martial arts training, as well as conference areas. In 1980, Roland Bleyer furthered his advancements in hair and skin care by starting his first treatment center in Sydney, Australia. Over the next three years, he opened more locations in Brisbane and Melbourne. To provide newly implemented cosmetic procedures, such as breast augmentation, liposuction, and nose and ear procedures, Roland Bleyer equipped each branch with state of the art operating facilities and best of breed medical specialists. Outside of Australia and New Zealand, Roland Bleyer has expanded his professional network to affiliates in Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States. Currently, Roland Bleyer serves as Chairman of the Finance Committee at Hayman Private Equity Australia Pty. Limited. He is a Knight Grand Cross, Order of St. John and has sponsored numerous hospitals, academic institutions, vocational centers, and other charitable organizations. These include a Queensland flood relief fund and the Sport and Tourism Youth Foundation. In his spare time, Roland Bleyer enjoys painting, snorkeling, and reading the works of Bob Bottom and Will Durant.

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