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Timely Aid for the People of Queensland, by Roland Bleyer

About the Author: Noted businessman and philanthropist Roland Bleyer dedicates a substantial portion of his resources to charity, typically across a variety of organizations. Recently, however, Mr. Bleyer has focused his donations on a cause close to many Australians’ hearts: the Queensland Flood Relief Fund.

Early in 2011, the Queensland region on Australia’s northeastern coast was battered by Cyclone Yasi, wreaking massive damage across the state. This storm was classified as a Category Five meteorological event, the highest denomination possible. Ultimately, Cyclone Yasi proved to be even more powerful than the devastating Hurricane Katrina that ravaged New Orleans in 2005.

Extraordinary planning and contingency preparation efforts on the part of local officials resulted in zero casualties from the disaster, according to the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. The primary evacuation sites in Townsville and Cairns ultimately sheltered more than 10,000 residents without injury. Although this phenomenal preservation of Queensland’s inhabitants is both lucky and laudable, the material damage caused by the storm was immense, with 75% of the state classified as a disaster area. Yachts were lifted out of their harbor moorings, power lines were downed across major thoroughfares, huge trees were uprooted throughout suburban areas, and numerous streets were flooded beyond remedy. Many families whose homes were located at the heart of the cyclone’s trajectory were literally left bereft of all their belongings.

Relief efforts through the government have been generous but remain insufficient to mend the full breadth of the storm’s damage. Forty thousand of those homes hit worst by the cyclone’s effects have received a combined total of $272 million toward repairs, and the charitable Society of St. Vincent de Paul dispersed an additional $18 million to affected families. The Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal will remain open for donations through December 2011 and accept funds through the mail, the Internet, in person, or over the phone. If you would like to contribute to Queensland’s recovery from this disastrous incident, please visit the fund’s website at


Introduction to Trichology, Roland Bleyer’s First Profession

Roland Bleyer began his career in trichology before entering the finance profession. Trichology is the branch of medicine concerned with the health of the hair and scalp. Trichologists are primarily involved in treating hair loss and scalp issues, although some also specialize in forensic hair analysis.

Trichologists undergo specialized training in the diagnosis and treatment of hair conditions. They hold expertise in hair loss, itchy scalp, breaking hair, plus dry and oily hair or scalp. Not all trichologists are registered physicians, but many doctors specializing in hair treatments take supplementary trichology courses in order to sharpen their knowledge.

A visit to a trichologist often involves detailed hair analysis, which may involve an examination of the mineral content of the hair or an assessment of specific types of physical damage. Blood tests may also be requested in certain instances. Through these approaches, trichologists can identify pest, fungi, genetic issues, or other factors influencing hair or scalp conditions.

Trichologists employ a range of conventional and natural remedies to solve hair and scalp issues. When the problem can be easily resolved via natural means, the trichologist will provide the patient with the necessary remedies. Alternatively, the trichologist can identify the specific type of care required by the patient and refer him or her to the appropriate medical specialist.